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Pursuant to California Public Utilities Code Section 130051.18, including subdivisions (f) and (g) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority ("Metro" also referred to as "METRO" within the legal documents) Administrative Code Chapter 5-25, all lobbyists, lobbyist employers, and lobbying firms that attempt to influence Metro action are required to register with Metro and to report their lobbyist activity on a quarterly basis. Registration must be renewed on an annual basis.

The Ethics Department has developed an Online Filing System for the submission of all lobbyist forms. To use the system, you must obtain a password and ID number from the Ethics Department. If you already have a password and ID number, you may login to the system here .

Contact Information
Ethics Department Help Line: 213-922-2900

  Let the Ethics Department know what you think of the new Lobbyist Online Filing System! E-mail us at or call 213-922-2900. We need your feedback to make the system even better.
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